Regulation- Final

-Rooftop Solar Grid Interactive System Net metering Regulations, 2019

-Demand Side Management Regulations, 2019

- Multi Year Tariff Regulations, 2016

Security Deposit Regulations, 2013

- Manner of Service and Publication of Notice Regulations, 2012

- Citizen Charter Regulations, 2012

-Road Map for reduction of surcharge and cross subsidies

          - Concept paper on Road Map for reduction of surcharge

-Minimum information to be maintained by a licensee or a generating company Regulations, 2012

- Levy And Collection of Fees and Charges by State Load Despatch Centre Regulations, 2012

Open Access Regulations,2012

- Supply Code Regulations, 2012

State Grid Code Regulations, 2012.doc

Consumer Grievance Redressal) Regulations, 2012

Standard of Performance  Regulations, 2011

Renewable Purchase Obligation Regulations and its Amendments 2011

             -RPO and its Compliance (First Amendment) Regulations, 2014

            -RPO and its Compliance (Second Amendment) Regulations, 2016

            -RPO and its Compliance (third Amendment) Regulations, 2019

            -Template for RPO compliance data-Annexure II

            -Notification on price capping in RPO and its Compliance Regulations, 2017

Renewable Energy Sources regulations, 2010

            - Renewable Energy Sources ( First Amendment) Regulations, 2010

-Terms & Conditions  of Appointment of Consultants 2010

-Terms & cond for determination of tariff)Regulation 2010





- Constitution of State Advisory Committee & its functions, Regulations, 2008

          - Constitution of State Advisory Committee and its Functions ( First Ammendment) Regulations, 2012

Conduct of Business Regulations, 2010

         - Conduct of Business (First Amendment) 2018

         - Conduct of Business (Second Amendment) 2019

Fund Rules, 2008

Terms & Conditions of Service of the Secretary,officers & employees of NERC Regulations 2006

        -Terms & Conditions of Service of the Secretary, Officers and other employees (First Amendment) Regulations, 2017