Final Tariff Order for 2x30 MW Thermal Power Plant at Tuli is available under Tariff section

State Advisory Committee (SAC) Meeting-2020 to be scheduled soon

Tariff order for the session 2019-20 is available under Tariff section

Public hearing on Tariff Order: 2020-21 was concluded in the month of February

DPN Petition for FY 2020-21 and ARR for FY 2020-21 to 2024-25

Mission Statement of NERC

- To determine the Tariff for generation, supply, transmission and wheeling of electricity, wholesale, bulk or retail, as the case may be within the state.
- To Regulate electricity purchase and procurement process of distribution licensees including the price at which electricity shall be procured from the generation companies or licensees from other sources through agreement for purchase of power for distribution supply within the state.
- Facilities Intra-State transmission and wheeling of electricity.
- Issue Licenses to person seeking to act as transmission licensees, distribution licensees, and electricity traders with respect to their operations within the state.
- Promote co-generation and generation of electricity from renewable sources of energy.
- Adjudicate upon the disputes between the licensees and generation companies and to refer any dispute for arbitration.
- Levy fee for the purposes of the EA, 2003.
- Specify State G rid Code.
- Specify or enforce standards with respect to quality, continuity and reliability of service by Licensees.
- Fix the trading margin in the intra-State trading of electricity, if considered, necessary.
- Discharge such other functions as may be assigned to it under the Act.